Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Breast Augmentation
Unmarried girls with small breasts and post-childbirth mothers are usually the patients who avail of this procedure. The other indications are in sex change (gender reassignment ) surgery and post- resection breast cancer patients. The newer generation silicone gel implants are relatively safe, long-lasting and give the most natural feel. It is a day care procedure and the local discomfort is pronounced for the first 2-3 days. The dreaded complications related to implants are infection, capsular contracture, rupture and leak. However, these are rare if proper intraoperative and postoperative care is taken. Fat grafting after liposuction is a new modality to augment breasts. However, results are unpredictable and further experience is required to satisfy patients. No heavy exercise, weight lifting or aerobics is recommended for atleast 3 weeks postoperative.

Breast Lift & Reduction Large breasts can be socially embarrassing and can cause neck and shoulder pain. Reduction of size, reshaping of the breasts and lifting the nipple-areola complex(NAC) to the normal level are the aims in this procedure . The procedure involves a single day hospital stay and th patient can shower from the next day. Continuous Breast support is mandatory for 3-4 weeks. Although nipple sensation and lactation cannot always be guaranteed after the procedure, the newer techniques ensure restoration of the same.

Male Breast Surgery (Gynaecomastia) Usually in puberty the breast tissue regresses in males. Persistence of the same leads to presence of female-type breasts with variable amount of fat and breast tissue. Liposuction with or without breast disc excision (through imperceptible scars) as a day care surgery is the treatment of choice, depending on the clinical assessment of each patient. Pressure garment is mandatory for 1-3 weeks postoperative, depending on the size of the gynaecomastia removed.