Achieve Great Cosmetic Results With Breast Reconstruction In Kolkata

With an enviable reputation for offering exemplary cosmetic treatments, Cosmetic Hand India specialises in providing state-of-the-art breast reconstruction in Kolkata. We take pride in our wealth of experience and immense knowledge in this specialised field. Our plastic surgeons work closely with every patient to offer individualised care by helping them create new breasts that look like natural breasts. We are committed to improving the lives of women facing mastectomy with our advanced surgical techniques to restore the appearance of their breast.

Skilled Team Of Experts You Can Count On
At our renowned clinic, we have a very talented and sensitive team of surgeons who work under the guidance of Dr. Rajan Tondon. We understand that facing a mastectomy can be very emotionally exhausting for most women. And, undergoing our breast reconstruction surgery can help restore the form and shape of the breasts, so that they get back their form after the cancer treatment. Our reconstruction process can help every woman find her self-confidence again and feel better during her recovery.

Benefits of Undergoing Our Breast Reconstruction Surgery
For women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or have suffered from burns and infections, coping with life can be difficult. Choosing our breast reconstruction in Kolkata can be very beneficial to such patients. Some of these benefits include:-

• Improves your physical appearance
Having breast reconstruction is very instrumental in making the physical appearance normal. Once your breasts get reconstructed, you will regain your lost glory.

• Wearing dresses will no longer be a pain anymore
Women who have flat breasts suffer mentally due to the hollow space in their chest. This happens especially when they are unable to wear their normal dresses anymore. Undergoing our breast surgery can permanently improve their condition. The surgery will help them in getting a normal look.

• Boosts your self-confidence Our breast reconstruction can even help you in raising your self-confidence from the low. The confidence that you gain from here can even help you in reaching the gigantic heights of your life.

• Public life turns very cool
Tolerating the unfair public comments regarding your pitiful condition can be a great challenge. Due to the psychological trauma faced, they may even retract from public gatherings due to these issues. The regaining of breasts due to the reconstruction can not only improve your shape but even help you participate in public events actively.

What Makes Us Your Ideal Choice?
Be confident that the qualified surgeons of Cosmetic Hand India are specialised in breast reconstruction in Kolkata. No matter whether you had a mastectomy or suffered from burns, our experts can provide you with the best possible treatment. Headed by Dr. Tondon, our team is committed to making every woman's surgical experience a positive event in their lives. Our surgeons help patients gain self-confidence and a sense of well-being from feeling, looking and functioning at their best.