Others Surgery

Genital Reconstruction
Reconstruction of the external genitalia for birth defects, injury and malignancy by local and distant flaps is very gratifying. Genital rejuvenation surgery is also becoming popular, with growing demand for the same.

Burns & Postburn Deformities
While deep burn ulcers are resurfaced in the acute stage, post-burn deformities (scar contracture) of the face, neck, hands, breasts and limbs require corrective reconstructive procedures both for function as well as aesthetics. This is particularly a problem in the lesser developed areas, where no reconstruction of the deep burn ulcers is performed in the acute stage.

Cleft & Craniofacial Surgery In India, maternal malnutrition is the main cause of Cleft lip and palate. Hence, it is the poorest in society who are born with these defects. Repair of the clefts alongwith speech therapy, orthodontic care and corrective midface surgery constitute comprehensive treatment for these unfortunate children.