Effectual Hand Surgery in India

by cosmetichandindia | April 18th, 2015

Let your makeover begin at our cosmetic surgery clinic at Cosmetic Hand Surgery. Providing a plethora of cosmetic and minor surgeries in the heart of Kolkata, we have turned out to be one of the renowned establishments in the city.

Why should you opt for us?

Are you suffering from osteoarthritis which has now spread to the joints in your hands? Has the birth defect in your hand made you lose your self confidence totally? You have no reason to fret over anymore, as Cosmetic Hand India offers highly effective hand surgery for restoring the good hand function, skin cover, stability and strength.

Benefits of hand surgery:

• Living in a society where your appearance has a straight impact on your business as well as personal relationships, having a hand full of scars is truly a curse for you. Successful hand surgery will restore your skin disorder to the fullest.
• It will help you get back your self confidence.
• It will improve the mobility of your hands too.

Reasons why we have become a preferred choice:

So, in case, you are looking for effective hand surgery in India, we can prove to be the best in this domain. Our medically qualified cosmetic doctors have years of experience in this field and have become famous enough to offer a premium surgery in a real competitive price. Your safety is our main priority and the equipments as well as products we use are medically researched, as we make sure that you don’t have to face any kind of side effects after you undergo the whole process.The doctor who will treat you must be a general or plastic practitioner. He can also be an orthopaedic. When you hire them, you must check for their certification and experience. It is highly recommended to sit with the doctor and clarify any doubts that you have. You must be convinced at the first place and then go for the operation. You must remember that it is the duty of the physician to answer your queries and give you proper explanation. To cross check, you can also consult another doctor. In India, there are expert surgeons, who can give you the right medical advice.


All you need to do is contact us at 9831101159 and fix an adjustable appointment time. Else, you can also mail us at rajantondon@yahoo.co.uk.