Aesthetic Facial Surgery

Deals with reshaping of the nose, which can be an open or closed procedure. Open procedure is imperative for tip correction and in patients with Cleft lip nose deformity. The closed approach suffices where there is no or minimal tip correction required . Rhinoplasty is a custom-made surgery , demanding a unique plan for each patient , with need for extensive preoperative counseling.

Face , Neck & Brow lift Essentially constitutes tightening of the skin and supporting underlying soft tissues which have sagged owing to aging and gravity, with imperceptible scarring . Overnight hospital stay is required . Smokers and patients on anticoagulants ( like Aspirin, Clopidrogel, warfarin ) have to stop consuming the same for atleast a week prior to surgery. Smoking is prohibited for 3 weeks postoperatively to facilitate healing. The commonest complications are bleeding and nerve injuries.

Facial Contouring
Fillers , botulinum toxin, Liposuction &Fat injection and implants help in facial contouring, as per the requirements and expectations of the patient. They may be office or day care procedures. While fillers and Botulinum toxin injections are temporary ( lasting 6-9 months ), others are permanent.

Surgical rejuvenation of baggy eyelids, with minimal scarring. Postoperative swelling of the lids persists for a week.

Facial scar revision, repair of split ear lobule and excision of small moles and warts are performed as OPD procedures, under local anaesthesia