Liposculpting & Body Contouring

Cosmetic Hand India has already carved a niche in the industry by providing the best and Reliable Treatment of Liposuction in Kolkata. Being one of the safest cosmetic procedures, Liposuction is quite common and performed only by our experienced and trained surgeons. We take much pride in stating that the number of customers approaching us for Liposuction treatment has enhanced drastically in the last few years. If you are also planning to undergo this cosmetic procedure by experienced surgeons using the latest laser techniques, Cosmetic Hand India is simply the name to trust.

Whatever is the reason behind those excessive fat deposits, we can customize the best fat removal procedure for you. Getting rid of obesity-related health hazards and correcting your physical shape will become easier with our liposuction treatment. Results are usually visible after a few weeks, during which it is mandatory to use elastic compression garments.

Undergo Liposuction Surgery From Experts
We have a team of expert surgeons working under the guidance of Dr. Rajan Tondon, our head surgeon. They will assess the issue minutely and suggest the best liposuction surgery according to your requirements. Patients approaching us for liposuction are advised to keep a check on their lifestyle, diet and follow an exercise regime before undergoing the surgery. These enhance their chances of obtaining the desired results and maintain it.

Though the method of liposuction and results differ from one patient to another, around 10% of one's body weight can be removed safely during a single session lasting for around 2 to 3 hours. With a focus on achieving better contouring, the sucked fat is first sediment before injecting them into areas with fat deficiency.

Body Contouring Made Easier With an increase in the popularity of Massive Weight Loss or Bariatric Surgery, the applications of body contouring have become greater. The body of the patients has to be contoured after they have lost considerable weight as it helps one to look better. Truncal and lower body lifts are common in such patients.

Abdominoplasty If you want a narrow waistline, opt for abdominoplasty. This is basically the method of removing sagging or excess lower abdominal skin and abdominal muscles tightening. Surgeons believe that a waist: hip ratio of 0.7 is desirable as they look appealing. To achieve better contouring, it is generally combined with liposuction. The scars aren't much visible as they are hidden below the bikini or underwear line. Even the umbilicus is repositioned or reshaped during abdominoplasty. Since smoking reduces the chance of proper healing, our surgeons suggest patients undergoing the treatment to avoid smoking at least for a few days.

Thigh & arm lift Patients approaching us for liposuction in Kolkata can also opt for thighs and arms contouring. Our surgeons can help you get the desired results by conducting liposuction with or without lax skin excision. Just stay prepared for long scars which generally follows liposuction with skin excision. You can reduce the prominence of the scars with the passage of time and a bit of pressure therapy. The best is to get in touch with us and we can discuss the procedure and side-effects in details.